Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Double-Check Your Poll Location & Rules at StateDemocracy.org

Dear Voter:

This is a friendly reminder from the StateDemocracy Foundation that Election Day across the nation is tomorrow--Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

As part of our mission to help America vote, our website -- www.StateDemocracy.org -- can locate your particular polling place by simply entering your home ZIP code. You get a printable map showing the street address of the official polling place for your precinct, no matter where you live.

Poll sites are not always the same from one election to the next, so we strongly encourage you to double-check BEFORE going to vote. Showing up at the correct polling place is even more important tomorrow given the record-breaking voter turnout -- and waiting lines -- expected this year.

As a further aid to voters, StateDemocracy.org summarizes each state’s rules about absentee ballots, voting hours, identification requirements, write-ins and other voting matters; with a direct link to the website of each state’s Election Board where more detailed information can be obtained.

StateDemocracy.org is a completely FREE public service from the nonprofit StateDemocracy Foundation. This one-stop portal also enables constituents to easily communicate with lawmakers on the federal level and in each of the 50 states.

Since 2001, hundreds of thousands of citizens have benefited from the many online tools our website offers to Deliver Democracy to your Desktop!